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Fancy pleat machine 1. Fancy pleat machine introduction Changzhou HuaEn garment machinery factory was founded in 2010 covering 2000m2 including workshop and office. We have been dedicated only for fabric & leather & textile pleating machine for 15 years. The factory is located in...
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Fantasy pleat machine model ZJ-217

1. Fantasy pleat machine introduction
It is the most functionaly pleating machine for fabric as 3 knives are included to cover 30+ types of pleat design production.

Beside, this machine is equipped with computer control to fulfill your more expectations.


Difference D

2. Fantasy pleat machine technical parameters

Max. pleat width:

1700mm and customized 

Max. pleat speed:

20-150pleat/minute by VFD

Pleat width:  


Pleat depth:


Motor power:


Heating power:




Packing size:


Net weight:


Gross weight:


3. Fantasy pleat machine Application

It is applicable for pleating chemical fabric, leather, drapery, ribbon, textile, chiffon, paper, nylon, etc.

4. Other models of pleating machines we have
We totally have model ZJ-316D, ZJ-416, ZJ-516, ZJ-616, ZJ-816 fabric pleating machine.
►ZJ-316 is new model and 101 called in Taiwan. Its knife moves rightwards and leftwards
►ZJ-416 pleats single vertical pattern, which is called by toothpick pleat. It is fixed with only steel belt and steel comb.
►ZJ-516 without computer for sun-ray fabric piece / panel only.

►ZJ-516 with computer for both accordion and sunray pleat design

►ZJ-616 pleats vertical pattern too, typical is curtain. Difference between model ZJ-516 and model ZJ-616 is fabric shape. The former is sun-ray, the latter is rectangle or square.
►ZJ-816 isn't so prevalent like the above models, it is kind of ruffle machine. Its feature is Roller type decides pleat pattern. Please vide our product ZJ-816 machine separately.

6 models-1

5. Machine in ply-wood case:
One 20ft container is spacious for 2 sets of ZJ-217 and 2 sets of ZJ-416 or ZJ-516 machines


6. Certificate


7. Our contact

Changzhou HuaEn Garment Machinery Factory

Add.: No.2 Jianye Road, Xuejia Town, Xinbei Dist.,
          Changzhou city
          Jiangsu Prov., China (Mainland)

Machine videos on Youtube: Changzhou HuaEn Pleating

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