Use Pleats Flexibly To Make Our Clothes More Colorful

- May 14, 2018-

In recent years, the drape of fabric is more popular, can be used to make various styles of drape skirt, the choice of fabric texture is also diversified the forehead, curtain illuminative fold lines also need to use the discount machined and become. Now on the market of various discount machine equipment model can be used for a variety of production and processing activities, only according to their own needs to choose the right equipment, processing and production of apparel fabrics, curtain cloth art to more adapt to, and see it together.

A piece of clothing takes four steps: clipping - gluing - sewing - finishing, the pleating machine is a device that is used to crimp and heat finalizing the whole process. The pleating machine has a variety of methods due to its formation, so it has a variety of different styles. The common types include: pleat, pleats, accordion pleats, fine folds, natural crimps, etc. In the ancient and modern, Chinese and foreign clothing, pleating machine has been widely used, fold the landscape application in clothing make clothing modelling language has been greatly rich, make dot, line, face on the dress form has been further extended, the clothing and the human body and motion adaptive gained greater regulation of degrees, as well as the innovation of the clothing modelling design provides a more colorful way.