Tell You Some Application Of Pleating Machine In Textile Industry

- May 14, 2018-

We don't know, the folding machine is becoming more and more widespread, and we can use our pleats in many places. So, today we're going to tell you about some of the applications of pleats in the textile industry.

1. The pleating machine to a variety of accessories to complete multi-function sewing equipment, pleating machine widely used in all kinds of knitting sewing the material, such as jersey pants, t-shirts, men's and women's underwear, knitting fashion, such as large sewing factory sewing equipment required.

2. Use the needle bar to force the oil recovery equipment, effectively control the measurement of the needle bar, and eliminate the appearance of oil leakage. Upper and lower silicone oil equipment, avoid needle heating and breakage.

3. Single needle pleating machine is a kind of pleating machine, which can sew the double color rope with the same pigtails in the common fabric. It is beautiful and easy to sew. Its size and size can be adjusted to a large scale with outstanding ornament effect. The layout is brief, operation, maintenance convenience.

4. There are a wide variety of subtypes of small square towing machine, pleating machine is widely used in textile industry, and the pleating machine is a kind of pleating machine.

5. Use: suitable for stitching in thin or medium thickness. For example: women's fashion coat, skirt, children's wear, cushion, cover, etc.

6. Shrinkage scene mainly shrinkage and density range change the luxury of concave and convex shape, heat styling greatly add elastic cloth after feeling and stereo feeling, elegant landscape style more special, can be used to make phase Bin shirt, skirt, dotted with hanging towels, cover, etc.

To sum up, the above six points are some applications of the pleating machine that we summarized for you in the textile industry. I'm sure you all understand. In the following days, we will also bring you more information about pleats.