Learn About The Technology Development Of The Folding Machine

- May 14, 2018-

Now the development of all walks of life is getting faster and faster, and everyone knows that these are due to the development of technology and productivity. Faced with such an environment, many enterprises are facing increasingly fierce market competition, so many enterprises need to make their products better. In the garment industry, we often use to a lot of clothing machinery, plait scene machine is our one of the more common, in order to let people better understand the content, we can learn about the plait scene below machine technology development.

In the process of fabric processing using a pleating machine, it is sometimes necessary to use the filter medium to operate the fabric because of the special fabric. To the market to the emergence of new crushing machine filter medium has a larger application range, and the characteristics of the filtration and separation efficiency is higher, stimulate the kumite pleated filter medium increase in product demand, improve discount machine technology to meet the needs of the market trend has become increasingly apparent. Old discount machine due to lack of tilt Angle and blade extrusion condition adjustment for new materials and pleat height to the operator to pay attention to the well, should consider to adjust the mechanical broken the strict requirements of machine, possibility, on the above work will be necessary to repeat at least two and adjust the discount, adapt to the market in recent years more and more high sensitive medium.