It Is Increasingly Obvious To Improve The Technology Of Discount Machine To Meet The Market Trend

- May 14, 2018-

New filter medium on the market has a larger application range, and the characteristics of the filtration and separation efficiency is higher, stimulate the increase in kumite pleated filter medium product demand, improve the discount machine technology to meet the needs of the market trend is increasingly obvious.

1. Improve the pleating filter medium.

Use the diaphragm on the blade to increase the position of the blade mechanically. Such as the working width is 13 m or more machines, but distance, is the trend of the friction problem is still obvious, because in the region of the baffle plate and changing the blade position before make it consistent with the new pleat height, with the additional friction. A large number of nuts must be removed and reattached.

Old machine due to lack of Angle and blade extrusion adjustment for new materials and pleat height to the operator to pay attention to the well, should consider the strict request, to adjust the mechanical possibility, on the above work will be necessary to repeat at least two and adjust, adapt to the market in recent years more and more high sensitive medium.