Introduction To The Development Of Seamless Underwear

- May 14, 2018-

We should have heard about all kinds of mechanical production equipment in our lives. These devices have brought us great help in our life. Textile industry should all know, in the textile industry, there are a lot of products are you need to use some machine for production and processing, such as pleating machine is one of the machine, then the pleating machine also can not lack for seamless underwear, because it requires pleating machine for processing and manufacturing of seamless underwear, then let's see the pleating machine of seamless underwear played a big role.

Introduction to the development of seamless underwear.

Now the seamless process has achieved great development, the concept of seamless knitting began in the 1980s. And more and more apply to the various aspects of the clothing field, not only in the underwear market to occupy a considerable proportion, and forward sportswear and swimwear and other direction breakthrough. Although the region has only just started in recent years, it has developed very rapidly. Although China has only just started in the area of seamless apparel, it has developed rapidly. In recent years, the development of seamless products has gradually shifted from the European market to the Asian market, while China is the largest one. In addition, investors invest in high-tech equipment with market potential, which is also a factor for the rapid development of seamless equipment. However, the seamless product of China's market has also become a rising trend in recent years, and the future development space is also an upward trend. Can say, seamless products have very big development space, pleating machine capacity to ascend, and consumer spending in the direction of transfer, special is still mainly domestic has sewn products market, is expected to be seamless underwear market products.