Folding Machine Garment Fabric Industry Common Equipment

- May 14, 2018-

Depending on the production function, it is important to choose the right equipment. In the garment industry industry, whether the folding machine or the folding machine, their use is very common. Of course, it is necessary to understand its function and structure to use it correctly. Now let's take a look at the role of the folding machine, the area of work. For manufacturers who often need garment fabric processing, it is necessary to study and communicate with each other.

Fold the scene to a variety of accessories to complete the multi-function sewing machine equipment, widely used in all kinds of knitting sewing the material, such as jersey pants, T-shirt, men's and women's underwear, knitting fashion, such as large sewing factory sewing equipment required. Press the needle bar to force the oil return equipment, effectively control the measurement of the needle bar and eliminate the appearance of oil leakage. And its upper and lower silicon oil equipment, avoid needle heating and breakage. As the manufacturer of folding machine, the production of reliable, cost-effective equipment can be recognized by the market.

Fold effect of the folding machine product, according to the design requirement can sew the crease first, then the high temperature and high pressure fixed shape, make the fabric more artistic, casual sex. High temperature compressive fold shapes, general machinery and equipment of the temperature control at about 200 ℃. In actual production, the temperature of the machine should be adjusted according to the thickness and thinness of the fabric, and the corresponding temperature of the thick fabric is slightly higher, and the corresponding temperature of the thin fabric is slightly lower.