A Brief Analysis Of The Use Of Discount Machines In Real Life

- May 14, 2018-

With the rapid development of modern technology, more and more advanced products into the use of all kinds of discount machine, folding machine and crimping machine scene, and so on all is a representative of the technological progress, they can not only for the modern clothing with quality assurance, but also to improve the use of the defect, recently, the pleating machine use increasingly prominent, many consumers friends have said pleating machine USES broad, is the product of rare, let's look at a discount machine under the concrete application situation and the characteristic.

On the one hand, the appearance of pleating machine brings fresh vitality to the industry. It not only makes the textile industry has a certain promotion, but also has advanced features in the pleating effect. No pleating machine, for example, we wear clothes may be relatively flat, there is no figure, but with pleating machine can make some modelling, have qualitative feeling more make clothes look. Of course, the pleats are used in a lot of places, not just on clothes. Pleating machine also has many kinds, ultra-high speed makes the pleats flat seaming machine is a kind of pleating machine, the series of small square type flat seaming machine derived variety, can install a variety of accessories to achieve multi-function stitch.

On the other hand, from the configuration of the pleating machine, it mainly USES the forced return device of the needle bar to complete the operation of the whole machine. It can effectively control the measurement of the needle bar and eliminate the oil leakage. The upper and lower silicon oil device can also prevent the needle heating and wire breakage. Pleating machine is suitable for the thin or thick decorative sewing, tops, skirts pants, children's clothing, such as women's fashion, such as cushion for leaning on, canopy cover and shrinkage scene pleating machine mainly shrinkage and density changes between the luxury of concave and convex shape, fabric greatly increased after heat setting elastic feeling and stereo feeling, landscape design is more elegant and chic, can be used to make shirts, skirt, decorative hanging towels, cover, etc.

To sum up, the application of pleating machine has been widely recognized by the industry, and we believe that we will gain more outstanding application benefits on the basis of improving technical parameters.