What is the correct operation method of crimping machine?

- May 14, 2018-

Speaking of garment industry, we should not be strange, because our daily life is inseparable from the garment, so when we do have a lot of activity, in order to make the diversification of clothing's performance is better, we will now often used to all kinds of garment machinery, including pressure plait machine should be that is a kind of the people are very familiar with, so here we simply introduce a press plait machine what is the correct way of operation, hope everyone can understand deeper finish.

The pleating height adjustment of the pleating machine is to input the new pleating dimensions in the control parts of the semi-electronic or full-electronic pleats, the bottom blade will be positioned and the pleating height is automatically set. When the top pressure plate and bottom automatically moved to the blades and the calibration of the pleat height of equal position, half of the feed table mobile pleat height value, so as to ensure the feed ideal feeding level between pleating blade configuration. Pressure plait machine pleat height depends on the CAM oscillation, the maximum of the CAM oscillating usually 55 mm, this is due to cover from 5 to 50 mm range of pleat, indicate that mechanical connection with CAM pleating of blade motion is controlled by a maximum of CAM oscillating.