Use a discount machine to understand the knowledge

- May 14, 2018-

Through introducing the front, we must have all garment processing machinery of side is often used to have a certain understanding, discount machine is often used in garment processing machinery products around us, as we need clothing production and processing, also more side broken the kinds of machine, vertical view discount machine is our side to use more discount machine products, today we introduce to everyone when using these discount machine need to understand what knowledge.

Pleating machines are widely used in the textile industry, ultra-high speed makes the pleats flat seaming machine is a kind of pleating machine, small square type flat seaming machine derived variety, can install a variety of accessories to achieve multi-function stitch, widely used in all kinds of knitting sewing the material and sewing factory is a large sewing equipment required. The crimping machine is used to control the measurement of the needle bar and eliminate the oil leakage. Upper and lower silicone oil device to prevent needle heating and wire breakage. Discount machine or even an independent parameters of soft contact can be arranged at the top and bottom of the blade, greatly increase the adjustment options, in order to gain good pleating effect and quality, and maximize the protection the medium. Mechanical discount without soft contact characteristics, electronic discount machine feature allows the soft contact discount machine separately to improve the quality of each kind of medium, and can be as sensitive medium pleating or composite medium and in detail, make its under no leakage problem and soft medium on 's-eye online. When the program is entered in the storage, the parameters stored in the soft contact program can be transferred with any other stored parameters when the production is repeated.