The main characteristics of crimping machine and its usage

- May 14, 2018-

With the rapid development of modern production technology, more and more high-tech products are put into use. Crimping machine and so on are the representative of technology development, they can not only bring quality assurance to the fabric processing and production, but also have a qualitative leap in improving the overall utilization efficiency. There is no doubt that the crimping machine will continue to develop in today's use. What should we pay attention to during the actual use? I think you are also very interested in this, and the following is a simple introduction of the main characteristics of a pleating machine and its use method.

The crimping machine is a process of shaping the fabric into a series of pointed shapes under certain temperature and humidity conditions. The pleating machine generally adopts special pleating equipment, because the use of the special crimping machine can improve the quality, improve the production efficiency and greatly reduce the cost. Modern pleats are usually controlled by computer and can produce many beautiful patterns according to different requirements. In actual production, in order to reduce investment, in order to reduce investment, some simple pleats often do not use special pleating machinery, but instead use other machines instead. Fabric folds of production process is relatively complex, design pressure creases sample first, and then according to the requirements of the design after the pressure plait machine fabrics of high temperature crushed setting, there are manual making, machines and methods such as combination of manual and machine.