How to improve the use efficiency of crimping machine blade?

- May 14, 2018-

In our textile industry, machinery and equipment used for the development of our textile industry has brought a lot, with the use of mechanical equipment is more and more widely, the textile machinery around us more and more, in using these mechanical, we should not only learn to operate the equipment, but also learn to better improve the efficiency of our machinery, let's take a look at how to improve the use efficiency of pressure plait machine blade.

Pressure plait machine when processing Gao Mindu filter medium, pressure plait machine blade extrusion and time element has great effect on the performance of the kumite, additional blade pressure makes the blade between the medium squeeze cause some quality problems, so we have to reduce the friction and extrusion, nature can improve the effect of the use of blade pressure plait machine. Mechanical pressure plait machine no soft contact characteristics, electronic pressure plait machine has soft contact characteristics, and it allows the electronic pressure plait machine dedicated to improve the quality of each kind of medium, respectively, and can be as sensitive medium or composite medium meticulous pleating, make its soft under no leakage problem or medium injury mesh pattern. The memory of the electronic crimping machine contains the pleating program, which can be called at any time when it needs to be pleated. Compared with mechanical pressure plait machine, has a certain fixed Angle, half electronic pleating machines allow any Angle between 30-68 degree adjustment, full electronic pressure plait machine allows the Angle of the bottom and top plait machine separate design, provide a greater adjustment range.