How to extend the service life of the discount machine?

- May 14, 2018-

Discount machine as an important role in the textile production machinery and equipment, has been widely used in our textile industry, break machine using note there are a lot of, we in the use of a discount, if don't pay attention to our discount at ordinary times the use of the matters needing attention, will have very big effect to our machines, many people don't pay attention to the use of a discount machine, think now we production technology is advanced, so the mechanical equipment is so good, don't need to do too much maintenance, in fact is not, let's together to see how to extend the service life of machine discount.

Firstly, all kinds of parts and parts should be discharged neatly in the ordinary use: the safety protection device is complete; The tools, workpieces and accessories are neatly placed. The line is kept intact so that it does not damage the machine. Then the discount machine should be kept clean and checked regularly: regular cleaning of the fuselage; All sliding surface and screw, gear, rack, etc. No oil leak or water leakage in each part; Clean the debris. Lubrication of gears and parts: oil quality meets the requirements, and oil and oil change on time; Oil cup, linoleum, oil pot, oil gun, clean, oil standard bright, smooth oil road. In order to prevent the leakage of the machine, the timely treatment will affect the use of the machine. Oil spill point: there is a clear oil trace or oil droplet for a leak point. Static combination surface oil, dynamic combination surface oil leak, for oil leakage equipment. 80% of the combined surface is not leaking oil, and the oil leakage is not more than one drop in three minutes for the basic oil leakage equipment.