Analysis of the development direction of the discount machine

- May 14, 2018-

In our textile industry, cannot leave the use of all kinds of textile machinery, the textile machinery greatly increased our production efficiency of the whole industry and improve the quality of the textile products, discount machine is our commonly used a textile machinery equipment, when it comes to discount machine, believe that many friends are strange, small make up will give everybody next analysis under the development direction of these discount machine, hope that through today's introduction, we can better understand the development direction of our whole sale machine.

New textile machinery including discounted chemical fiber equipment, spinning machines, machine equipment, printing and dyeing equipment, for each new solvent method cellulose fiber, spinning machinery complete sets of equipment, new blockbuster double beam wide high-speed water jet loom, single stage type electric magnetic needle computer flat knitting machine after fiber reinforced thermoplastic composite materials in advance production line, heavy non-woven cloth with high temperature heat setting machine, high efficiency and energy saving, environmental protection of dyeing machine, the dynamic identification with whole initiative to rotary screen printing machine, high efficiency and energy saving stenter setting machine equipped with the primary technical indicators and to break the key technology of detailed clarify and specific needs. The all-electronic discount machine even allows for a separate design for the top and bottom pleats, and provides a wider range of adjustments. When machining highly sensitive filter medium with mechanical discount machine, its blade extrusion pressure and time have a great influence on the quality of pleating and pleating elements. Additional blade pressure medium by extrusion and friction between the blade and cause some quality problems, by reducing the friction or extrusion, nature can dramatically improve the quality of products and get a better filtering effect.